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Rebecca Lomax is a Fly Girl

Rebecca Lomax a native of Indianapolis, Indiana was born July 3, 1992. Lomax is the middle child of three. Lomax described her relationship with her older sister when they were younger as another parent. "Growing up she was like the second parent, when our parents were gone she was the one watching us and she was the one giving the orders". Lomax said that she appreciates her sister because their relationship is more than just being sisters. "My sister was a good friend to me, she was the first person that I looked up to as a role model. Growing up me and my sister shared a room, she would come home and tell me stories of her day. From the stories she told me, I learned how to value myself, especially with male friends. She taught me how to demand respect and set boundaries". Lomax said because she took her sister's advice she has standards and boundaries in her relationships now.

"Growing up I think we lived in the state of survival and I believe that very well shaped me into who I am today".

-Rebecca Lomax

Growing up, Lomax lived in a low-income household where the main needs were food, shelter, water, and clothing. " A lot of times living in a low-income family you are not taught to think about self-care but more about survival", said Lomax as she discussed her living as a child. "Growing up I think we lived in the state of survival and I believe that very well shaped me into who I am today. I pulled a lot of good things from that, it has helped me with pursuing my education and the things of God". " I learned that we need balance with pursuing the things of God because sometimes it's not about striving it's about abiding in God and that is something that I am learning"

"I think that no matter what you study in undergrad, a business degree is always a smart way to go because everything is a business".

Lomax is a grad student in Business at the University of Indianapolis. Lomax began speaking about how she knew at an early age that she would be the owner of a business. " I have a fascination about how operations work from day to day and people's interactions. I think that no matter what you study in undergrad, a business degree is always a smart way to go because everything is a business". Lomax wants to continue to further her education after she graduates so she can help others. "I want to study Economics so I can use that to help influence low-income families and neighborhoods. If you understand how money works and business works then you can change a community and people".

"I was always trying to find something that could get me enough money that could get me out of the surroundings that I was in because anyone who has lived in the hood knows it can be depressing".

Lomax was surrounded by love but at times the environment she lived in could appear depressing. "Anyone who has lived in what we call the hood if you are there long enough it can be depressing", said Lomax. " I remember coming home from college on breaks, the contrast was so drastic. At that time I was running track so whatever I needed to do to focus my mind on something in the future then I would do that. So I focused on getting to the Olympics, I would go to the park and run like crazy. Though that is no longer my dreams to get to the Olympics it kept my mind on something positive and what was possible".

"I think that the Lord has surrounded me with people who are in places that I want to be so I can keep moving forward".

In a world that may seem so cold, Lomax has been able to bounce back from things and situations she has been through. She receives her inspiration from the Holy Spirit and others who God has placed in her life. "My mother was the first woman to inspire me to be who I am today", said Lomax. "I know a lot of people can identify this with their mothers, doing what is necessary to make sure that their families are taken care of and my mom is that woman. I never doubted her love for me, and I have always admired her work ethic". Another individual that inspired Lomax was her Vice Principal in middle school, Alicia Ramsey. " I went to a predominantly white school and I came on the back end of them integrating, so we were bused out from our neighborhoods to the school", said Lomax". "Mrs. Ramsey made sure that African American students had that extra fire behind them and she wasn't gentle with it. She said you are going to succeed and I am going to make sure that you do succeed. Mrs. Ramsey was that person and when you see someone that looks like you in a position of authority, it leaves a stain on your life. She did her job, and was beautiful while she did and did it with class".Lomax said that Mrs. Ramsey didn't leave her either she checked back on her in high school." She was the first person who purchased my track and field shoes", said Lomax.

"I majored in dance at Ball State University".

Lomax attended Ball State majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in dance. She eventually majored in dance. "I knew I always wanted to dance because I wanted to have my own dance company one day", said Lomax. "I didn't have the training that I needed but God said go to the audition and have fun, so that is what I did and I made it through". Lomax completed her education and followed her passion by starting her dance company Elisha Movement. "I remember going to my interview in college and they asked me what I wanted to do and I told them I wanted to start my own dance company", said Lomax. " I created Elisha Movement, a Christian based dance company which is a huge part of my ministry to God. It is the way that I express the deepest form of worship". Lomax stated that she used the name Elisha because it is from the Bible. "Elisha came from the Bible because Elisha is represented as the next generation and that means it is time for us to step up".

No one is perfect in life but Lomax understands her intentions are good in the situations she may come up against." In everything that I do my intentions is to glorify God, by doing that I show compassion for other people", said Lomax. "I truly have compassion for people and I really care and I believe that is the driving factor for everything I do. Lomax is a survivor and knows where she is going in life. She doesn't let her surroundings get the best of her and she uses everything she has to navigate through obstacles in life.

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