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Beverly Webster is a Fly Girl

“Mothers hold their children hands for a short while but their hearts forever”


People always say you only get one mother, therefore cherish her while she is still living. Mothers are equipped with love and compassion for their children. They have been created to be nurtures and no matter how hard it becomes, it seems like moms always the right thing to say. I am going to take the time out to tell you about a special mother that I have had the opportunity to know for 27 years.

On a summer day in July, a beautiful baby girl name Beverly was born to Herbert and Ella Floyd. Beverly grew up on the south side of Indianapolis, IN as the youngest of eight. As a little girl, she remembers her childhood being fun. “As the youngest child, I always had sisters and brothers in the household”, said Webster as she begins to talk about her early childhoods. “I grew up in a time where everyone was at your house. Unlike today, we played in the park, and played games such as Four Corners., Jacks, red light green light, and softball which was called scrub down at the park”. She attended and graduated from Harry E. Wood High School, one of the first inner city school to close. While she was in high school she played volleyball, ran track and cheered for her school. She became interested in art at a young age and decided that art would be her minor at Indiana State. “When I attended Indiana State my major started off as Criminology and Psychology and my minor was in art”, said Webster. “I enjoy art because I like to draw and paint”.

“Being a pastor’s wife has had its ups and downs”.

-Beverly Webster

Webster stated out at Indiana State but soon married her husband for 33 years, Terry Webster. Her life changed again when her husband accepted the position to be the pastor at that time, Corinthian Baptist Church in 1995. “I never thought that I would be a pastor’s wife “, said Webster as she shares her stories about being in this position. “Being a pastor’s wife has had its ups and downs. In ministry, you have your highs and lows but you have to stay grounded in your faith and know it’s not about you. There is a greater good and a greater cause and that is Jesus Christ”. Webster thanks God for her high and low moments in ministry because it continues to build her as a person. “Those who come to the Lord and grow in their faith are the highs”, said Webster. “ The lows are some of the things that we may feel are hurtful when you pour into people and do the things that you have been called to do. Sometimes it may not be received or accepted”. Even though Webster is not new to the low moments she understands that certain things happen for a reason. “Lows are apart of ministry, the ministry isn’t always pretty but the greater good is seeing souls saved”.

“We wanted to give children a Biblical base but also a good foundation in education with a curriculum that would allow them to succeed”.

-Beverly Webster

Even though Webster is the pastor’s wife she wears many hats to continue to enhance the kingdom of God. “Starting out I began as a Sunday school teacher”, said Webster.”I feel that children should have the Biblical foundation of the truth, that they may be taught to know Jesus for themselves”. She is the proud creator of the program Gems and Diamonds. This program is from age three to eighteen. “In Gems and Diamonds the seniors in high school are presented with a lock and key”, said Webster. “The locks and key is a reminder to the girls to remain pure until they meet and marry the man that unlocks their heart”. She has a heart for women and wants to see them all succeed in life. “We have our Women’s Fellowship Ministry, where women come together once a month to talk about the issues and go over a devotional”, said Webster.

She is one of the founders of Nu Heights Academy where she continues to give her time wherever she is needed.”Nu Heights was the vision of the pastor, he had wanted to see a Christian school with Christian principles and foundation for early childhood development’, said Webster as she talks about why Nu Heights Academy was created. “We wanted to give children a Biblical base but also a good foundation in education with a curriculum that would allow them to succeed”. Sometimes you can find Webster in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch for the children. Or you might look into the cafeteria and see her with a hot bucket of water mopping the floor. There are other days where she can be found decorating and creating a bulletin board. One of her favorite areas where she has spent time in at Nu Heights Academy is the infant room. “I love being with the babies, it makes me appreciate who God is because you see God in the infants”.

"God has blessed me with good children"

Webster understands the importance of being a good mother. One of the things that she is truly proud of’ is her children.” I feel that God has blessed me with good children and not only good but Godly children”, said Webster. “They have a foundation in Christ for themselves and when you strive to raise good children and give them a foundation on God, it helps them to be a good person”. She is thankful for family and she continues to strive to have a Godly marriage with her husband. “As Christians, I feel as if we strive to have a Godly marriage, it may not be a perfect marriage but it is a Godly marriage”, said Webster.

"As I look at the world today, the only answer is Jesus".

We live in a world where it seems cold and chaotic. Webster knows that educating the next generation and telling them the truth is going to help them. “The foundation is Christ, and I can only tell the next generation and the generations to come is we have to get back to the family and the church”, said Webster. Webster is the epitome of a beautiful proverbs woman. She takes pride in everything that she does whether it’s for her family, church, or friends. She has always dressed as a classy woman and has a distinctive eye for interior decorating. She enjoys fishing and planting flowers. The wisdom that she gives to others has impacted their lives for the better. She has a quiet but yet powerful spirit. When she opens her mouth to speak, out of it flows words of wisdom and knowledge. She is sophisticated, humble, beautiful, intelligent, funny, and most of all she is a woman of God. Beverly Webster is my mother and she is definitely a Fly Girl.

Dear Mommie,

Thank you for bringing me into this world. Without your love and wisdom, you have given to me I don’t know where I would be. Because of you, I am the woman that I am today. I have watched you as a mother and a wife and my prayer is to follow your example one day (the good Lord is still working on me though lol). You have shown me so many things and I will cherish them for the rest of my life.