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Don't let fear stop you from being Happy

Let me tell you about a girl that I met some years ago. When I met this lady she had a personality out of this world. She was an attractive person, and could get along with anyone she came in contact with. She had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for a while now, She ended it before she left for school that summer. She went more into detail about her relationship with her ex. She told me that he had cheated on her and he would blame her for all of their issues. She quickly let me know that he always played the victim in everything. I remember saying "Girl, forget him, you don't need him, it's his fault he can't see your worth".

Time went on and I had the opportunity of learning more about this woman. She had told me she had met a nice young man. He treated her with respect, he paid attention to her, he complimented her, and made her feel special. I thought to myself this is great for her. She told me everything about him but she let me know that this wasn't going to work. I wanted to know why? This guy seemed just right for her and they had this amazing connection. He would make her laugh, never once put her down but he uplifted her with his words. So why was she running from someone who was making her happy?

"Don't let fear stop you from being happy".

-Morgan Rae.

The truth is, just like my friend we all let fear stop us from being happy. My friend was so fearful of letting this guy who brought the best out of her, really love her. She was holding on to pains from her past that she couldn't see the beauty in her future and wasn't recognizing the present. So many of us are like my friend. We let fear stop us from being happy. We listen to the lies about what's going to happen before it even happens. We give up before we even get started on the task because we believe that we can't do it, we aren't good enough, we need more time, it's not the right time, I need more training, I'm not the right person for this or whatever it may be. Fear is just a ugly lie that we all can overcome, if we choose to.

So what happen to my friend? Well she is doing ok, even though she missed out on the one who truly made her happy. She made a promise to herself, that she would never again let fear stop her from being happy.

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