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We Really Want to Have a Season: My Insight of Black Panther

"To everything there is a season,A time for every purpose under heaven.

-Ecc. 3:1

It was the day of Ms. Rankie's funeral, as I looked at her lifeless body laying in the casket, I couldn't help but to think about how she was as a person. Just a beautiful soul who happen to be my mother's close friend. I sat through her service thinking that everyone has a season. Ms. Rankie's season had come to an end on this side but a whole new season was beginning for her on another.

I left the funeral to go back to my church, where our basketball league was taking place. I had to finish my duties in the concession stand but later that evening my cousin Kelli and I were going to see the movie "Black Panther". We had already purchased the tickets so we didn't have to rush to our seats. I was excited about seeing the movie because of all the comments I had heard from people. My mom had come home saying "Wakanda Forever" crossing her arms in the W shape, imitating what she had seen from the movie. On social media everything was Black Panther. People had been posting pictures of themselves in African attire at the movie theater and people's creative videos were going viral.

I reached inside of my purse and grabbed my bag of peanut m&m's that I had purchased from the gas station. "Look saints, a sista has to do what a sista has to do, the concession stand prices are off the hook". The movie had begun, it had me from the beginning to the end. I felt like I had super natural powers after watching the movie. The acting was amazing, the visual effects were eye grabbing and I couldn't stop bouncing up and down in my seat from all of the music. Whoever was sitting behind me probably was saying, "If this little woman don't stop moving". Shout out to Kendrick Lamar as well, I love the song All the Stars. Ya'll it was so good, that I went the next day to see it again. The movie made me want to buy a airplane ticket to visit Wakanda, if it was real I would be in first class to see it.

Being able to see Black Panther was an experience and a new movement being birthed. I really didn't understand how this movie would have such a powerful impact on everyone. I was sitting here looking at an all black cast that were portraying intelligence, confidence, beauty, strength, love, courage, unity and greatness. Black Panther inspired so many people and it was refreshing to see someone that look like me become a super hero. I loved how clean the movie was.

In the season of the movie Black Panther, it has inspired so many who want to act, write, produce, and direct. This movie has allowed younger generations to see that they can be anything they want to be. It is showing people to go after what you want in life. This movie was filled with men and women who have believed and worked hard on their craft. It is an example of how you are never too old to do anything. Dorothy Steel who played the Merchant Tribal Elder, got her break at age 91, not even knowing that she was going to be apart of of the highest grossing Cinematic Marvel Release.

We all have been given a season by God. Seasons will change but our impact on others will stay the same. What are we doing in the season that has been given to us? We may not have a huge platform but we have the opportunity everyday to make a difference. We have the opportunity to become that person we have wanted to become since we were little, we have the opportunity to give to others not just monetary but our time. We will experience different things in our season and we will go through hardships but those hardships are there to help us grow and learn from. We will experience different seasons in our lives, there will be seasons that feel better than others. No matter what season we are in, we have to learn how to make it count.

Just like Ms. Rankie one day our season will be over. I ask myself this all of the time, when my season is over how do I want people to remember me? When your season is over how do you want to be remember?

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