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Lexus Robinson is a Fly Girl

Have you ever wonder who is the master mind behind KillHer Hair Studio? Well now you know, meet Lexus Robinson, a bold hairstylist, who is twenty four and did I mention, she is a young black entrepreneur. Robinson has been doing hair for 10 years and has had her license for 5 years. At the tender age of 10 she started doing hair. Robinson felt like this was something she always did. "I started doing dolls, like braiding their hair, and then I started doing kids in the neighborhood and it just took off from there", said Robinson.

The Hammond, Indiana, native moved to Indianapolis in 2008 where she attended North Central High School. She began learning about hair and beauty at the J. Everett Light Career Center, where she almost missed her chance of being enrolled. "My mom tried to enroll me into the beauty school, but they were booked: she went above and beyond to make sure that I got in", said Robinson. She stated that her mother is one of her biggest inspirations, because she forced her to do hair. "My mother seen me do hair one day and the rest was history".

"It only took me a month to build a steady clientele, so that first week when I was booked I knew this was for me".

Everyone is given a talent and gift to use. Sometimes it takes others longer for their talent to be developed. Robinson's talent with her hands for hair was evident. She began her career as a hairstylist working at Vibe Hair Studio and later started working at Salon A'nise. She knew that is was time for her to branch out when she realized her brand and clientele was becoming big. "My brand was becoming so big that I had my room full and her waiting room full, I knew it was time", said Robinson.

"We don't only do hair we care about customer service."

KillHer Hair Studio has been opened for 2 years but it's just not about hair when it comes to Lexus and her team. "My top priority is making sure that every client leaves and feels beautiful", said Robinson. In a world where good customer service is hard to find, Lexus feels like she stands on customer service one hundred percent. "If my clients are not satisfy, I am going to make sure that they are". KillHer Hair is a salon where you can come and get your hair, lashes, eye brows, makeup and nails done. Now that's my kind of salon, I love a one stop show. Ladies guess what? At their new location Lexus will be adding a massage therapist.

Following your dreams can be scary for anyone. At times people can allow many things to stop them from reaching and achieving their goals. It wasn't easy for Lexus at first, like any other human being, fear begins to creep in. "I was worried if I was going to have enough stylists, were people really going to rock with me like they say they do", Lexus shared when asked about her feelings on branching out. She said she never doubted herself because she knew that it would come together. "If it's in God's will, it's going to happen".

Running a business can be very time consuming but Lexus makes sure that she has time for her family as well. She is engaged to her fiance Damar and has an adorable son name Nolan, who is the life of the party. "My fiance is such a big help, I know that I can count on him when I am working late to give our son a bath and put him to bed", Lexus shared when asked about her family life. "The mommy life is involved with coming home from doing hair, doing laundry, because it seems like they always have laundry. I read to Nolan every night because he always want to read before he goes to bed". Also in her spare time Lexus enjoys shopping and spending time with her family.

"I'm a fly girl because I handle my business and my priorities".

So what makes Lexus Robinson a fly girl? Lexus is a fly girl because she is her own entrepreneur, a mother, teacher, friend, and very talented. She is truly beautiful on the inside and outside. She wears multiple hats and finds a way to get everything done without complaining. She has a humble spirit, when you walk into her place of business you will never know she is the boss. She treats her staff and customers with a lot of respect. Lexus is just not caught up in her life but she is busy in her community. Lexus and her team has put on different events to give back and make a impact in people's lives. "We actually do a lot of hair for the Julian Center for batter women and children". Lexus and her team invites the parents and children to come and get their hair done for free. She has linked with the ABC beauty college to give back to the community as well. Lexus shared with me that this past Christmas, KillHer Hair went downtown to feed the homeless and this year she plans on doing more with families in need.

Lexus hopes to inspire young girls and women to go after their dreams. " I believe anything you chase you are going to get", said Robinson. She plans on taking her mobile hair truck to all 50 states this year to continue to build her brand. Next month KillHer Hair will be at a new location on 62nd and Keystone. So if you want to look fly go and visit KillHer Hair studio where you will meet this awesome Fly Girl. Lexus Robinson you are truly the definition of a Fly Girl.

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