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We Really Want to be Beautiful: To be Beautiful

"Be your own kind of beautiful".

I enjoy watching Love and Hip Hop (New York and Atlanta seasons) just to put that out there and Real Housewives of Atlanta, two of my guilty pleasures. I mean can I just be myself for a minute? I make sure that my television is set to record the episodes every Sunday and Monday. As I sit there and watch both shows, I can't help but to see some of the women who have had procedures done to their bodies, which I guess makes them feel beautiful in their own way. I started thinking, I wonder what makes women in general feel beautiful? Is is that nice dress that fits perfect on your body? Maybe it's a certain hairstyle or a nice wig: let me tell you I have a couple of wigs and honey I feel like a new woman every time I put one on. Maybe you feel beautiful when you have finished that awful workout. You think to yourself man, "I hate this": then you take a look in the mirror and like the results that you see. Whatever it is, you feel beautiful and can't no one take that feeling from you.

So what makes you feel beautiful? I posted this question on Facebook and I received some great responses from women. One woman said,"Makeup and a good hair day".

''I feel beautiful when my skin is glowing, my teeth are white, my hair is curly and I can just shake it and I'm good. Put on a little mascara and nude lip, pair of jeans and a t-shirt. That's when I feel at my best... The more natural, the more beautiful I feel".

Marilyn Robertson Ragland

It is one thing to be beautiful on the outside but what about being beautiful on the inside. Let me share with you a story that I experience a couple of years ago. I was trying out for a professional dance team one year. I remember feeling so nervous but I knew in my mind that I looked the part I felt beautiful. My hair was done, honey my make up was slayed to the gods, eye brows on fleek and my outfit was cute with sparkles. It seemed like everyone who was trying out should've been on a magazine cover because they were beautiful. I remember seeing a beautiful woman stretching and getting herself ready. I thought to myself man she is stunning, she had beautiful long hair and smooth carmel skin.

It was time for us to learn the dance routine. Sometimes when you audition for things, you can be a train wreck on the inside praying that no one notices it from the outer appearance. The instructor started showing us the dance movements and I didn't catch what the woman had said. The beautiful woman that I seen was standing right next to me, so I kindly asked "Hey girl, what did she say to do?" With a snobbish look on her face she answered, " What? She said do a turn''. The beauty that I thought this woman possessed left me at that very second. She became so ugly because of her attitude. It is one thing to be beautiful on the outside but when you are ugly on the inside no one will really want to be around you.

"I feel beautiful just being me! I’m a no makeup, natural hair wearing woman. The clothes and accessories enhances my beauty. I can honestly say that I didn’t always have the confidence in my beauty. People made fun of my dark skin and the fact that I’m not very tall. That did give me a complex and I wasn’t always the nicest person in the world, but when I changed the inside, I really noticed my outward beauty. I really felt my true beauty when my heart changed".

Ruby Luke

I believe that in order to feel and look beautiful, it must starts within. My parents always told me that no one wants to put up with someone who is ugly on the inside. Being confident in yourself makes any girl or woman absolutely gorgeous. Someone who knows who they are and comfortable in their own skin is beautiful. When you are happy, there seems to be a beauty glow that everyone can see. A happy person brings a positive vibe, which makes people want to be around them. No one wants to be around a pretty girl that is always sad. A happy person is a beautiful person.

Sometimes we forget the real definition of being beautiful. I do agree that it is a amazing feeling when we look good: clothes, makeup, and hair is there to enhance our beauty on the outside but we have to remember the inside. When we learn how to encourage each other from the adolescent age to a senior citizen, that is when our beauty begins to shine. When we learn how to stop tearing each other down by our criticizing words and share the positive vibes with each other, that is when we are beautiful. When we can can accept our flaws and who we are as girls and women we are beautiful. No one has the power to make us feel ugly unless we give it to them.

"By the grace of God, I am what I am".

-1 Cor. 15:10

The truth is we are all created differently but we all are beautiful. We have the power to change what is on the inside. It is time to get rid of the negativity that makes us ugly. Beauty starts within, whatever we put inside of our bodies it will eventually come out.

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