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We Really Want a Relationship: Is he into you or not

I remember the times I would hang with my brother and different women would text him. I always knew when he was interested in someone because our hanging would become short. He would spend time with her and talk to her. That is how I knew things were getting serious with my brother and sister n law.

Men are really not that hard to understand but we as women make it complicated for us. We ignore the signs that men give because we want to accept something that may not even be there. So how do you know when a man is really into you? When a man is into you he is going to communicate with you. I did a survey with some of the males who are in my life and they basically gave me the same answer but in different ways. When a man is really invested in you, he is invested in your life. That man is going to call you or text you just to see how you are doing. Why? Because he wants to know everything about you. He wants to know how your day has been, what your goals are and what are somethings that even get on your nerves. He wants to know when you have accomplished something so he can celebrate with you. A man that truly likes you wants you to win and is proud of you. A man that is into you is going to take you out even if it might be going grocery shopping with you, he wants to be around the woman he likes.

I remember when I was talking to a guy that really liked me. He wanted to know everything about me. He would call and text me all the time. I didn't have to ask why I hadn't heard from him because he was always reaching out. Now of course, I'm pretty sure he was talking to other women as well but I knew I was at the top of the list because of his actions. He paid so much attention to me, that he knew when I wasn't having a good day. He remembered the outfit that I had on the day before. He knew every small detail about me which was nice.

When you are talking to a man who never initiates the conversation and you are always the one reaching out, He is not that into you. When you have to ask him why you two haven't hung out yet, he's not into you. When a man wants time with you there will be no excuses. People in general make time for what they want or in this case who they want. If a man only reaches out to you during the uncut hours, he's not into you, he just wants to hit it and quit it. Someone once told me, "Baby there isn't nothing open after midnight but the hospital and legs".

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord". Prov. 18:22

Ladies we are beautiful treasure and we don't have to settle for anything. A Real man is going to see something special in you that is going to make him want to be with you. Why? because he has found his good thing. If he wants to be with you he is not going to make things confusing and leave you hanging. He is going to reassure and affirm you with his words and actions. So ladies my advice is if you are dealing with someone who I have described in this post, do me a favor and let him go. You deserve to be happy and loved by that one who deserves you. Stop putting your heart out there for it to be broken by someone who can't see the true gem you are. You don't need someone who doesn't know what they want and don't know your value. You deserve someone who is willing to go the extra mile, protect, and fight for you. Put yourself first, you do not need someone who treats you like a option rather than a priority.

Stop chasing the man who God did not intend on you having and wait for the one He has for you. You will know when he is just right for you. You want someone to say when you walk in the room, " Yea bruh that's me".


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