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The Story

I remember as a young girl, I would take old cardboard boxes and set them up as a dining table in my room. I would grab my nap time blankets and place them on the table to give it an elegant look, well from a 5-year-old perspective. I would go into my toy box and grab my dishes; take my teapot to the bathroom and put water inside of it. On a good day when my parents weren't paying me any attention, I would run to the refrigerator and grab a kool-aid squeeze-it and pour it into my teapot. I would collect my stuffed animals such as Barney the Dinosaur, Winnie the Pooh Bear and the list goes on, set them on my table and have a tea party.


As an adult now, I am faced with the unfortunate realization that a lot of children are faced with many issues that do not allow them to enjoy the benefits of being a child and escaping to the world of their imagination Stay in touch for more information. 

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